Thanks so much for inquiring about joining the JEA Model Management Team!

To submit your information for consideration, please follow the following steps:

Take each of the photos as follows:

Take 8 photos on a white background with natural light. (these do not need to be professional. Examples below.)

1: headshot with natural expression

2: headshot with smile

3: headshot with natural expression and hair pulled back if applicable

4: full length with natural expression

5: full length with hair pulled back if applicable

6: close up profile of left side with hair pulled back if applicable

7: close up profile of right side with hair pulled back if applicable

8: Full length profile

What to Wear:

Women: NO MAKEUP, no jewelry, please wear skinny jeans or fitted shorts, fitted solid color tank, and heels

(or swim wear if you are comfortable)

Men: Skinny jeans or shorts, fitted solid color t-shirt or shirtless, and casual shoes.

What Information to provide:

Submit your photos along with your full name, age, location, email, phone number, height, and measurements HERE.

Measurements for Women: Height, Bust, Waist, Hips and Shoe Size

Measurements for Men: Height, Chest, Waist, Inseam and Shoe Size


Due to high volume of applications submitted, further contact will only be made with those applicants we think might potentially be a good fit for our team.

Need assistance or have questions during the process? Feel free to contact us here.