JamieB11 Sized.jpeg

Q: What place would you love to visit?

A: “Out of any place in the world that I have not been, I’d like to go to Paris. Paris has the best fashion, the best views, and fun accents! Even though there may be a language barrier between the people of Paris and I, I’m sure we would get along pretty good.”


Q: What are three interesting facts about you?

A: “I’m a sailing instructor. I can sing the happy birthday song in 2 seconds. I’m in 7 clubs: Sailing, Student Council, Chest, Youth Legislative, Model United Nations, Speech, and Debate.”


Q: What is something uncool that you love anyway?

A: “Something uncool that I love is snail mail. I believe there is nothing more thoughtful and meaningful than your true feelings on a pretty little card.”

height: 5'8"   bust: 31"   waist: 22"   hips: 34"   dress: 0   shoe: 9   hair: brown  eyes: hazel