Model of the Month: Rick Kumazawa

Let me be honest with you from the very start: I have never, in my life, thought that writing a blog about myself ever going to be this hard. But I am very happy to share my journey with you all, so here we go. Hope you enjoy the read!

My name is Rick Kumazawa. I was born in Lexington, Kentucky but ended up growing up both in a small town called Newburgh, Indiana and Nagoya, Japan, where my parents are from. Throughout both elementary and high-school, I had the opportunity to spend some years in Indiana and some in Japan. Growing up both in the United States and Japan was wonderful. I got to learn both English and Japanese fluently, make friends from both countries, and take in so much from both countries’ cultures.


Growing up, soccer was everything to me. Especially when I was in high school and practiced soccer every day with the school and city’s club soccer team, it was always my dream to become a professional soccer player. After high school however, I realized that in order to chase this dream I would have to focus 100% in the sport and that I would have to make many sacrifices. But that was not what I had in mind. And in this way, the dream of becoming a soccer player started to eventually fade away. In one way this can be seen as a quite sad story, considering how soccer took a big place in my heart and life.

But, it got me where I am today. I started thinking about how cool becoming an actor would be, which was the other dream I’ve had growing up.

I attended Waseda University in Tokyo, where I started studying Liberal Arts. The first 2 years were pretty cool. Moving in the biggest city in the world was definitely something to enjoy. But by the third year I was getting tired of it. I started missing the country side where one can have a walk in the beautiful and peaceful nature, breathing in the fresh air.

So I decided to go back to the States for a year to take a break from all the craziness that the city life brings. That is how I ended up in Mississippi, attending the University of Mississippi.

The idea of pursuing acting and modeling as a career started during my time in Mississippi. I have always loved acting. I participated in various school theatres and shows. I also loved watching films and simply fell in love with the idea of being on screen.

There was something about both the modelling and acting industry that I simply found astonishing. With this in mind, I decided to take a step forward to my new dream. I did a little research and I found JEA. There wasn’t any acting agency close to where I was in Mississippi so I thought why not start with modeling first and get used to the feeling of being in front of the camera. Little did I know that that decision would change my life forever.

I immediately e-mailed Jamie and she was very nice in agreeing to meet me a couple of weeks later. At the beginning I was super nervous and I did not know whether I had what it takes to sign a contract with a modelling agency. But everything went well wonderfully and a week later I got signed with JEA!

There wasn’t a whole lot of modeling work in Mississippi, especially being an Asian Ethnicity doesn't help much unfortunately... haha. However, I was lucky enough to get some experience in front of the camera, which was exactly what I needed. Later that year, Jamie took me and a couple of other models to Los Angeles, where I signed with the first acting agency and manager.

Fast forward two years, now I’m in my second year in LA pursuing acting full time. So far I have done many commercials and prints, booked a co-star for Amazon Series, a supporting role for a feature film, and I just finished a huge producer session/call back for an HBO TV-series!

Having the chance to work with many actors whom I’ve looked up to as I was growing up is definitely a dream come true.

I am so glad I made a decision to e-mail Jamie and I am so thankful for all the amazing work she has done to help me push start my career. It’s a true blessing having to find someone so dedicated to their clients. Thank you Jamie!

I guess here comes the end of my blog. Thank you all for reading and hope you have an amazing day!!

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